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Mykonos Car Rental

Affordable. Flexible. Reliable. Rent a Car – Rent a Scooter – Rent a ATV at the Best Prices Online!

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On-Demand Delivery

Have your car delivered or ask for a private shuttle from anywhere on the island by Mykonos Car Rental.


24 hour service

On call local road side service available every day of the week.


Free Cancellations

Unable to travel due to Covid? Cancel your booking without fees and stay worry-free!


Rent a Car Mykonos - Mykonos Car Hire

To sum it up, the difference is always in the details. That's why our car rental services stand out by their quality and professionalism. With this in mind, find the perfect car, scooter, ATV or UTV for you today to explore Mykonos!

Can-Am Maverick Sport MAX

A SidebySide built for your next adventure that allows you to take your whole family with you!
The sharpest way to get from A to point B, in any weather, fully-loaded or not. The only one in Mykonos in it’s class.

1000cc – 4 seats – Automatic

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Variety of Brands

Above all, our 5 star fleet is defined by quality, good taste and variety. We have something to offer in every category – from economy to luxury. Moreover, with Mykonos car rental you may choose between 18 different car models,  5 different scooter types and over 6 different ATV/UTV models.


Best Rate Guarantee

Appealing even the tightest travelling budgets we take pride in offering value for money. Renting with us means included delivery/pick up, 2nd driver, car seats and Road Side Assistance etc. In conclusion, amazing offers and never any hidden fees. Why don’t you ask for a quote and see for your self?


Awesome Customer Support

Most importantly, we believe renting goes beyond the rental car counter. Our 24/7 personal and local service will handle your inquiries most professionally. By offering flexible opening hours in combination with friendly service, for example, we turn your rental into a uniquely tailored experience.

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Finally, don't forget to read our latest feed! Get some of the best tips about everything that has to do with renting a car in Mykonos!